FISA Athletes Commission

Dear Rowing Friends,

I am happy to share with you my recent nomination at the FISA Athletes Commission. This nomination is great opportunity to use and share my experience built on and off the water, and to work for you by representing your interests. I would like to take a moment to briefly explain what the Athletes Commission is and what its missions are.


What is the FISA Athletes Commission?
In one sentence, the purpose of the Commission is to represent active elite rowers and to act as a liaison between FISA and the elite athlete community concerning any issues affecting the sport of Rowing.


What are the missions of the FISA Athletes Commission?
The Commission has five missions:

  • To establish a network of representative rowers throughout the world for a wide canvassing of opinion; providing balanced representation across gender, federation size or geographical areas;
  • To make known to the Council the views of rowers on any matter in the field of competitive rowing, in all its forms;
  • To convene and conduct rowers’ surveys and/or meetings at World Rowing Championships and to provide a report to the Executive Committee;
  • To analyse the organization of the World Rowing Championship and Olympic and Paralympic regattas and to report its finding to the Council; and
  • To communicate information from FISA to the elite athlete community.

What does the Commission do for you?
The members of the Commission get together during the main FISA events and are talking to each other on a regular basis to share their findings and work on a number of Commission’s projects. As an example, the Commission actively works on the antidoping matter (with initiatives such as iRowClean), the Olympic Program or education.


As an athlete, I was focused on my racing and I was not necessarly paying attention to what my Athlete Commission was doing. It is important to mention that the Athletes Commission is here for you, and nothing can move forward without your input.

So please, let’s share and discuss topics. I will not hesitate to reach out to you individually or collectively to get your input and views on the field. If my rowing career is not far behind, I know that nothing can replace being on the field of action to be in phase with reality. So please, do not hesitate to reach out to me (HERE).


Looking forward to it and good luck to all of you.


Sincerely yours,


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