I like to see my life as an adventure. I was born in Angers (France) from a Canadian Mum and a French Dad. The eldest of a five-children family, I was an average kid from a middle-class family who went to an average school. But I was made one major gift by my parents : « Work hard and whatever you do, be the best at it ». I grew up with the idea that I had to give my best at school or against my brothers and sisters playing Risk. I started sport with equestrian which I loved but I was diagnosed a scoliosis at the age of 13. « Rowing or swimming » said the doctor ! As surprising as it may seem, I am afraid of water. I don't like being in it so I decided to be over it. This is how I gave my first strokes in September 1999 on the River Maine at Angers Nautique Aviron, an average rowing club with average rowers. If you look at it, no one could have predicted that I would one day be successful in that particular sport. It had to be against all odds. I didn't like it in the first place. I swore to myself that after a year I would go back to horse riding. My results were average. It was not the biggest and most successful club in France. But one thing made the difference along with my stubbornness and my will to work hard. The day that my coach told me : « you are good, you should give it a try. You might even be in the French Team one day ». I was 14. That sentence changed my life. I suddenly felt that I could achieve something. And that average club became my 2nd house. Those average rowers became my crewmates and my 2nd family. My fear of water became my strength. But there was still so much to do, so much to learn. From an olympic medal at the age of 22 in Beijing to a devastating 10th place 4 years later in London. From France to Canada. From sculling to sweep rowing. From flat water to the devouring waves of the Atlantic. From University to Work. I like to see my life as an on-going adventure and I try to take every bite of it.
Welcome aboard that journey !